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Adding a printer to cups without the web interface

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

I was recently faced with the problem of adding a printer to a remote host or desktop. I was able to gain access to the desktop through “ssh” and did not have VNC installed. I also was not able to travel to the location to add the printer and other users in the area already had the printer configured on their desktop.

I found that adding a printer manually to cups in Linux is not difficult. The procedure is as follows:

  • cd /etc/cups
  • vi /etc/cups/printers.conf
  • after the section add the printer information.
  • printername
    Info Created by OS information
    DeviceURI socket://printername.domain name:9100
    State Idle
    Accepting Yes
    JobSheets none none
    QuotaPeriod 0
    PageLimit 0
    KLimit 0
  • Exit out of the printers.conf file
  • cd ppd
  • Copy the PPD file for the printer into this directory.
  • Restart cups.
  • The user should see the printer in his or her local printcap.

I hope this helps someone out when they do not have access to the localhost to use the web browser interface for cups.

Mike Kniaziewicz, MIS